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Antique Finish Krishna Idol, GWT - 135gms | Manjil Designs
Antique Finish Krishna Idol, GWT - 135gms
Antique Finish Krishna Idol, GWT - 135gms

If you want the peaceful Antique Finish Krishna Idol, try the Manjil Designs collection. The silver idols collection is made of premium silver with amazing craftsmanship and great spiritual values. You can get the other details of the product from the below article.


Manjil Designs has recent collections of silver idols with the beautiful Antique finish Krishna idol. This idol has a beautiful antique finish that makes it look very fine with its details. The size of the idol is suitable for placing it and doing pooja every day.

The idol from our store typically resembles the Bala Krishna, which means the baby Krishna is playing happily. It has a beautiful silver arch with peacock feathers and a tiny flower. It looks cute and is the best gift for babies on their first birthday and housewarming events.

Details of Antique Finish Krishna Idol:

  • It has many details that make the lord glow and looks beautiful.
  • It is a perfect size, which looks best in the pooja and office rooms.
  • The idol is available in a lightweight size that you can carry anywhere.
  • It is made using high-quality silver with amazing craftsmanship.
  • The idol is the Bala Krishna idol, who looks as if he is crawling.
  • This has a great timeless look and gives positive energy and blessings from god.
  • This is the ideal gift that you can give for a first birthday event or any other event. 


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