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Antique Finish Hanuman Idol, GWT - 429gms | Manjil Designs
Antique Finish Hanuman Idol, GWT - 429gms
Antique Finish Hanuman Idol, GWT - 429gms

If you want to place an Antique Finish Hanuman Idol at your Hanuman Chalisa chant, check out Manjil Designs. You can get the amazing idol which has many details and is made of premium silver. Read the other details of the article from the below article.


According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Hanuman is a powerful god believed to give positive energy and strength to the devotees. Manjil Designs has the beautiful Antique Finish Hanuman Idol, which has an unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. He is well-known for his immense strength and willpower to overcome any obstacle.

Hindus and other religious people also believe in this god that gives protection and courage to his devotees. The silver idol from our store typically looks like the god is kneeling and praying to lord Rama. The idol also has his weapon called ‘Gadha’ on his right side.

This is made of high-quality silver, which is durable and stands out. You can place this idol when performing devotional Hnamuan Chalisa and other festivals. 

Details of Antique Finish Hanuman Idol:

  • The idol is high-quality silver with an antique finish and fine details.
  • The idol is where the god looks like he is praying to Lord Rama on his knees.
  • You can place it while chanting Hanuman Chalisa and other traditional festivals.
  • It is light in weight that you can gift any Bajarang devotee.
  • The material of the idol is durable, and always place this idol in dry places.
  • Always clean the idol with a clean cloth without using water. 


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