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Kanti Style Necklace Set, GWT - 61.28gms, NWT - 53.54gms | Manjil Designs
Kanti Style Necklace Set, GWT - 61.28gms, NWT - 53.54gms
Kanti Style Necklace Set, GWT - 61.28gms, NWT - 53.54gms

Are you looking for a necklace set with a specific culture and tradition style but haven't found one? Then you must check out Manjil Designs for the beautiful Kanti Style Necklace set with G.Wt- 61.28 Grams. The elaborate details of this necklace are set in the article below.


In the world of Gold jewelry to accessorize, there are many styless with a fusion of modernityy and cultures. Choosing the right one that matches your style takes work. Manjil Designs launched the one and only Kanti Style Necklace Set with G.Wt- 61.28 Grams that surely attract your taste. 

Kanti style means a specific style that carries a cultural meaning in many regions. This looks like a choker but with a different design. It has a sturdy chain with fine details carved into it, and its beauty is attached to a big lockect. This Necklace sits right on the neck, without making uncomofrtable. 

The huge locket has a beautiful carving of Laxmi Devi sitting while a blessing, with wealth and prosperity. A few pink and green stones are added to the locket. Its attractive point is finishing it off with the beautiful green beads hanging down to the green gemstones. Contrast to the Necklace the earrings have a simple desog but with Laxmi Devi carvings. 

Details of Kanti Style Necklace Set:

  • The gold weight of this Necklace set is 61.28 Grams.
  • The net weight of the Necklace set is 53.54 Grams after removal of the impurities.
  • Our chain may be educated, but our artisans made it a lightweight accessory to style on special occasions. 
  • This set has a pair of earrings following a design similar to Neckalce's locket.
  • Our Necklace has beautiful adornments with green, pink, and white gemstones.
  • We provide a guarantee on our product to ensure safety.
  • A jewelry box comes with this necklace to store it away when it is not in use.


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