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Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 95.41gms, NWT - 61.91gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 95.41gms, NWT - 61.91gms
Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 95.41gms, NWT - 61.91gms

Are you looking for a Gold Necklace full of tiny white and green beads? Then Manjil Designs is happy to introduce you to the amazing Gold Necklace Set with G.Wt- 95.41 Grams and N.Wt- 61.91 Grams. Check the below article for more details.


Welcome you to the world of enchanting Gold jewelry through Manjil Desgns, which is delighted to introduce you to the Gold Necklace Set with G.Wt- 95.41 Grams and N.Wt- 61.91 Grams. Gold Necklaces are synonyms of Indian traditional jewelry, available in a wide range.

Our Necklace is exclusively designed using white guttapusalu combined with green beads, making it a noble combination. The Necklace's chain has simple white beads linked in strands, half with green beads. The Necklace is similar to a choker that seamlessly matches other jewelry.

The beautiful part of this Necklace is its locket with high-quality gemstones embedded in gold metal. The white stones are studded in three strands, one after another, with beautiful tiny stones in the middle. Like tassels, green beads hang down the locket, elevating the neckpiece's beauty.

Details of Gold Necklace Set:

  • The G.Wt of the Necklace set is 95.41 Grams with only the highest quality gold metal.
  • The N.Wt of the Necklace is 61.91 Grams, including the stones.
  • There is a sturdy clasp that connects the Necklace when worn.
  • The length is short, almost looking like a choker.
  • The inner surface is perfectly smooth and will not hurt while wearing it.
  • The material is purely high quality, excluding the allergic material.
  • This Necklace can be worn with other jewelry.
  • A pair of earrings comes in this set with two simple white stones and green beads hanging.


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