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7 Inch Gold Bracelet, GWT - 6.99gms | Manjil Designs
7 Inch Gold Bracelet, GWT - 6.99gms
7 Inch Gold Bracelet, GWT - 6.99gms

Looking for the perfect 7-inch gold Bracelet but overwhelmed by the countless options? Look no further than Manjil Designs. Our collection is your destination for exquisite jewelry. Delve into the product description below to discover more about our offering.


Every woman harbors a dream of adorning herself with exquisite gold jewelry, and a simple gold bracelet is often at the top of her list. Offering a chic alternative to bangles, a bracelet can transform any outfit. Manjil Designs understands this desire and has crafted stunning 7-inch gold bracelets with captivating features.

At Manjil Designs, our foremost goal is to delight our customers with stunning designs; this Bracelet is a testament to that commitment. With its simple yet elegant design, this 7-inch Bracelet is the perfect accessory for any wrist. Featuring a delicate chain with tiny charms, it adds a charming touch to any ensemble. This Bracelet is designed with meticulous attention to minimal details and is ideal for everyday wear.

We never compromise on the metal quality used in our jewelry, ensuring each piece meets our high standards. Acquiring lightweight gold jewelry of this caliber is a rare find, and Manjil Designs offers you the opportunity to own exquisite jewelry at affordable prices. Bracelets are symbols of sophistication and elegance, suitable for every woman.

Details of the 7-inch Gold Bracelet:

  • Made from high-quality gold, ensuring purity and quality.
  • The 7-inch length is the ideal length for a comfortable fit on the wrist.
  • Pair this beautiful Bracelet with an elegant dress for timeless style.
  • It is a versatile piece that enhances any attire, making the ordinary extraordinary.
  • Features a removable and adjustable clasp for convenience.
  • The Bracelet comes in a jewelry box that you can use for safe storage.
  • We guarantee our customers the quality of our products, ensuring your satisfaction.


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