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7 Inch Gold Bracelet, GWT - 5.89 Grams | Manjil Designs
7 Inch Gold Bracelet, GWT - 5.89 Grams
7 Inch Gold Bracelet, GWT - 5.89 Grams

Discover elegance in simplicity with Manjil Designs' 7-inch Gold Bracelet, weighing 5.89 grams. This Bracelet features a minimalistic design that subtly enhances your style. Its sleek and contemporary look makes it a versatile accessory. For further details, check out the below article. 


Bangles are accessories that look simple on the hand but subtly elevate elegance. Manjil Designs has taken a step ahead and created this amazing 7-inch Gold Bracelet weighing 5.89 grams, especially with minimal details.

Thanks to its sleek, minimal features and details, you can wear this Gold Bracelet as a statement piece with any outfit. Our Bracelet stands out in the crowd, not just for its design but also for its durability and quality. Keeping it simple, our artisans gave this Bracelet a basic chain structure with a Gold bead connecting the chains.

Three chain strands are linked as one, adding texture to its details. In the part between the strands and the gold bead, there is a tiny detail with black stone embellishments that resemble a miniature drum. This is a bracelet that showcases our artisans' craftsmanship in every element.

Details of 7 Inch Gold Bracelet:

  • The G.Wt of the Bracelet is 5.89 Grams with fine quality Gold.
  • This Gold bracelet is 7 Inches long, perfect for everyday wear without slipping down.
  • A clasp or hook to the Bracelet fixes the accessory securely on the wrist.
  • Only 100% high-quality Gold is used in making the Bracelet.
  • The Bracelet has a warm yellow, shiny finish that maintains its shine and durability.
  • This lightweight accessory is specially crafted for everyday wear.
  • Suitable for both men and women.


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