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7 Inch Gold Bracelet, GWT - 5.37gms | Manjil Designs
7 Inch Gold Bracelet, GWT - 5.37gms
7 Inch Gold Bracelet, GWT - 5.37gms

Are you still searching for that perfect gift for a special occasion? Look no further than Manjil Designs' exquisite 7-inch Gold Bracelet, meticulously crafted by experienced artisans. Explore the article for more details on this stunning piece.


Gold bracelets are exquisite additions to any wardrobe, elevating your style effortlessly. Manjil Designs presents a stunning 7-inch Bracelet to complement every outfit, from casual to elegant occasions. This timeless bracelet is not just a fashion statement; it's a legacy that can be cherished for generations.

The bracelet features a detailed single ball bead connected to two criss-crossed linked chains, creating a mesmerizing effect. Adding a touch of flair, the bracelet ends with a thin chain connected to a clasp for secure wear. Despite its simplicity, the single bead enhances the bracelet's beauty, making it a versatile and captivating jewelry piece.

Crafted with high-quality gold, our goal is to offer you a piece that makes you look attractive and feels luxurious. The 7-inch Gold Bracelet is lightweight and comfortable, with a seamless finish that ensures a pain-free experience. It comes in a size that fits perfectly on any wrist, making it suitable for any occasion.

Details of the 7-inch Gold Bracelet:

  • Length: 7 Inches, designed for easy wear and removal
  • Seamless finish for comfortable wear
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made from premium quality gold
  • Available in slim or thick designs, it is perfect for any occasion.
  • It is a perfect gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, weddings, and festivals, adding a touch of beautiful elegance to any ensemble.


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