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2 oz 24 kt Gold Bangle | Manjil Designs
2 oz 24 kt Gold Bangle
2 oz 24 kt Gold Bangle

Manjil Designs is delighted to unveil the 2 oz 24 kt Gold Bangle, perfect for both Men and Women, now gracing our store. Crafted from 24 kt gold, the purest form, this bangle is a timeless investment piece. Discover more about this exquisite bangle in the article below.


We are thrilled to introduce our stunning 2 oz 24 kt Gold Bangle, meticulously crafted from 99.99% pure gold, free from any impurities. This exquisite piece is designed to grace the wrists of both men and women, with its elegant and simple design reminiscent of a classic Gold Kada, exuding sophistication on every wearer.

Weighing a mere 2 oz, this bangle is a feather-light adornment, perfect for everyday wear. Investing in pure gold is always a wise decision, as its value only appreciates with time. Our bangle's sleek and polished finish, without any unnecessary embellishments, makes it a standout piece that captivates at first sight.

Our artisans at Manjil Designs have meticulously crafted this bangle, ensuring its authenticity and luxurious appeal, even when paired with the simplest outfits. Sturdy, comfortable, and versatile, this bangle is more than just a piece of jewelry—it invests in timeless elegance and financial stability.

Details of the 2 oz 24 kt Gold Bangle:

  • Made from 24 kt gold, the purest form.
  • Carefully crafted by artisans without compromising on style or authenticity.
  • Suitable for both men and women, resembling a Gold Kada with its simple and sturdy design.
  • It weighs 2 oz, which is approximately 56 grams of gold.
  • Available in various sizes to fit every wrist.
  • Clean with a clean and soft cloth to maintain its luster and longevity.
  • It comes in a stylish jewelry box for safekeeping when not in use.


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