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10gms Venkateswara Swamy Silver Coin | Manjil Designs
10gms Venkateswara Swamy Silver Coin
10gms Venkateswara Swamy Silver Coin

If you want a 10gms silver coin with any design, try Manjil Designs’ silver collections. Our store has silver coins with many designs engraved on them like Lord Venkateswara Swamy etc. The description below has the details of the product.

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Silver coins are the pure form of getting silver as per their weight. In the past, these coins are used as currency or exchange in India and many other countries. A silver coin has tremendous significance, history, and beauty to it. Manjil Designs has collections of silver coins, with many fine details on the 10gms silver coin. These coins are also sold in silver markets or auctions.

Our store provides coins made of high-quality silver and on top of it has many fine details. It has Lord Venkateswara, a hindu deity, on it, which improves its religious value. The coin size is 10 gm, and it can be given as a gift for your loved ones. These silver coins are also passed down to generations as heirloom assets.

The coin is tiny, and it is easily carriable. This traditional silver coin looks perfect in pooja rooms and can also carry anywhere in your wallet to bring luck. 

Details of 10gms Silver coin:

  • The size of the coin is 10 grams.
  • It is easily carriable and lightweight.
  • The coin has many fine details and carvings of Lord Venkateswara swamy.
  • Price: $22.5.
  • It is made of 100% high-quality silver.


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