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50 Grams Gold Bangle 24KT | Manjil Designs
50 Grams Gold Bangle 24KT
50 Grams Gold Bangle 24KT

Discover timeless elegance with Manjil Designs' 50 Grams Gold Bangle, a masterpiece in 24KT Gold. This bangle embodies understated beauty, perfect for those who appreciate simplicity. Our solid Gold Bracelet is crafted without embellishments; its sleek design exudes sophistication and can elevate any ensemble. Explore the allure of this bangle and add a touch of minimal elegance to your collection.


Turn the time back and enjoy the beautiful and poetic of the old Indian jewelry culture with our 50 Grams Gold Bangle, which is designed by Manjil Designs. Those who choose to wear this 24KT gold bracelet made from a desirable type of gold will embody wisdom and charm.

The flat ribbon bangle is created for those who admire a restrained design. Unlike other bangles, this one has a simple, sturdy structure and no detailing, which makes it ideal for everyday wear. A slim and sleek line fashioned for any dress-up and with a promise to enhance your looks, this accessory adds sophistication to what you are wearing.

Rather than being solely a piece of jewelry, this bangle is also an indication of glory, and by buying this smart. Its classic style makes it wearable at all times, no matter what your outfit is, becoming soon a signature piece of your collection and a trendsetter that reminds you that you are unique at every step.

Details of the 50 Grams Gold Bangle:

  • Weight: 50 Grams
  • Metal: 24 KT Gold
  • The structure of the Bangle is Sturdy and Comfortable
  • Finish: Shiny Gold with Minimal Detailing
  • Closure: Securely Connects at the Ends
  • You can style this bangle on its own or Paired with Other Jewelry
  • Elevate your jewelry collection with the 50 Grams Gold Bangles 24KT from Manjil Designs. Beyond being a mere accessory, this bangle represents a timeless symbol of sophistication and grace.


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