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Know about Manjil Designs

Manjil – translates to destination – indeed we are the ultimate destination for all your jewelry – in a nutshell it is all what we want to say about us.

Most importantly, we are known for trust. Our exquisite range of jewelry comes with unmatched guarantee on quality and price. Our unparalleled craftsmanship and ornate collection is bound to enthrall you. The collection ranges from everyday wear to once-in-a-life time grandiose designs. Innovation and variety are the key features in all our designs – be it for regular wear, party, traditional, or once-in-life occasions.

Our experience of three decades tell us to be give utmost importance to trust and transparency and we have been religiously following the same. We cherish our journey so far and derive great professional satisfaction from our loyal Customers, Stakeholders, Clients, and Business Associates